Wildcat Fireflies
(Meridian: Book 2)
July 1, 2011
Available: July 12, 2011
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(Meridian: Book 1)
August 1, 2009
Available: August 11, 2009
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Amber Kizer

Amber Kizer is not one of those authors who wrote complete books at the age of three and always knew she wanted to be a writer. She merely enjoyed reading until a health challenge, beginning in college, forced her to start living outside the box. After one writing workshop, she fell in love with telling stories; a million pages of prose later she still loves it. Her characters tend to be opinionated, outspoken, and stubborn—she has no idea where that comes from.

A food lover, she plans trips around menus, wishes cookbooks were scratch and sniff, and loves to make complicated recipes—especially desserts. When she’s not reading from a huge stack, she’s coaxing rose bushes to blossom, watching delightful teen angst on television, or quilting with more joy than skill. She takes her tea black, her custard frozen, and her men witty. She lives in the Seattle area on a veritable Noah’s Ark: a pair of dogs, a pair of cats, fifteen pairs of chickens, and uncounted pairs of shoes—without the big boat and only some of the rain.

A celebrated speaker and teacher, Amber gives writing workshops for all ages, including workshops for teachers. To request a school visit, workshop schedule or a book signing, please email

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