I Was A Teenage Alien
April 1, 2009
Available: April 21, 2009
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Jane Greenhill

As a child of three my first memory of books was when I 'accidentally' picked one up from the store. My mother was furious. We went back to the store and I apologized to the sales person. Thus ended my crime spree.

At the age of six, I sat in the basement in front of the antique manual typewriter--even back then it was old--and typed out a story about kids hiding clues around the town.

While other little girls played with dolls, I played librarian, which really limited my baby skills when I had two boys. Luckily I could read up on how to bathe, bottle and dress them.

Growing up in rural Ontario meant big trips to town, which always climaxed with a Nancy Drew book. I would sit in my time tunnel and read.

When I graduated high school, (my future husband said I passed on bonus points) I was accepted at York University, University of Toronto and Ryerson for journalism. However, my Nancy Drew instincts kicked in and I decided to work as a civilian at a regional police department. Hey-- I was 18, and single, surrounded by hundreds of men in uniforms. Really, do you blame me?

After vowing never to get married,because it was a fate worse than death, I met THE ONE. Six weeks later I was engaged and eating my words.

For sanity reasons I quit the police, and we opened our first retail store--A Baby's Room. Okay, we sold it after a year because, as stated above, I knew nothing about babies. We purchased a Pro Image sports store. Sports--that was something I knew even less about but I figured, hey-- if men can understand it--how hard can it be?

Seventeen years later, when I'd finally learned to discuss stats with the best, we sold it to our manager.

In the meantime, we had two boys.

When we're not at football games, pool, soccer field, and hockey arenas, we're walking our West Highland Terrier.

Then one day in 2005 an ad was in our local paper touting romance writing.

My husband encouraged me. I went, came home, and in six weeks wrote a 75K story about a girl in retail and a cop.

Then in my naivety, I sent a query out to agents. Well, I heard back from a Toronto agent who asked for the first three chapters but said not to worry if I didn't hear back from them for 4-6 weeks. I got an email back the next day. Needless to say, I thought it was bad news. Alas, they wanted the entire ms.

Then I realized how little I knew.

I joined RWA, KOD and Lethal Ladies, not to mention taking numerous courses and reading books on honing the craft.

While vacationing at the cottage in 2007, I received an email from Wild Rose Press. They wanted to offer me a contract for Booty Call for Murder. A couple of months later they offered me a contract for a Young Adult--Vortex to the Ojibwa.

Thanks to Lori and Wild Rose Press, my dreams are becoming reality. and now my husband is okay with the voices in my head or so he says.

FAVOURITE AUTHORS: in no particular order.

Stuart Woods
Robert B. Parker
R.F. Delderfeld--favourite book of all time Diana
Janet Evanovich
Sarah Mylowski

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