Blind Sight
April 1, 2009
Available: April 17, 2009
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Susan Shay

Unlike many authors I know, I haven't always been a writer. I have always been a story teller. My first characters were my imaginary friends, Arley and Orley, but they moved on when my barely-younger-than-me sister was born.

I don't remember a time when I didn't read. I've gone through my life with a book in my hand, purse, backpack or car. The entire time I was in college, I was reading one romance or another. When my third son was born, I had a Louis Lamour book on the delivery table with me.

My first ever sale was to RADAR, a children's Sunday School handout. I called the story, "Closer than a Brother." RADAR published it twice—but I was paid only once, which was fine with me. I just loved seeing the characters I created come to life in print. The only downside was they spelled my name wrong both times. Susan Spees Shay instead of Susan Spess Shay.

After that I sold confessions. I've confessed to being a pistol packing soccer mom, being married to a man possessed by a ghost, working on a Mississippi River cruise ship and using sex to get out of a traffic ticket. None of which I've done.

But they weren't total lies. I have shot a pistol, I'm married to a man, I've been on a Mississippi River boat and I've received a traffic ticket, which I didn't get out of. I used the money I made writing that last confession to pay the fine.

I have all kinds of things to keep me occupied when I'm not writing. I hang out with my husband, three sons, daughter-in-law and DIL to be. I work in the family business with my father, two siblings, one son and several cousins. I enjoy the company of my BFs and critique partners, Marilyn Pappano and Margaret E. Reid.

In 2007 The Wild Rose Press published my first book, TO SCHOOL A COWBOY. WRP also published my second book, BLIND SIGHT in 2009.

I find people endlessly intriguing. I love to watch them, listen to their conversations and get to know them. Both of my books are set in small towns, another fav of mine.

Hobby wise, I enjoy knitting, gardening and most handicrafts. In the garden I fight a constant battle against weeds and stray grass, but I have a love affair with home grown tomatoes so I fight the good fight. Someday I hope to actually produce enough to be able to give some away.

I also spend time blogging at and Drop by and say hi first time you get a chance.

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