Witches Anonymous
(Tickle My Fantasy)
February 1, 2009
Available: February 24, 2009
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Misty Evans

When people discover Misty is an author, they assume her books are children’s stories. A student in one of her creative writing classes once stated, “I can’t believe you write suspense. You seem so nice.”

What they don’t realize is underneath Misty’s girl-next-door façade beats the heart of a kick-butt heroine. As a young girl, she forced her friends to act out scenes from her favorite adventure stories—Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz. At nine years old, she applied to be one of Charlie’s Angels. She’s still waiting by the phone for Charlie’s call.

These days she forces her characters, instead of her friends, to act out the adventures in her head. Her kick-butt heroines face heart-stopping danger and suicidal odds whether they’re bringing justice to all or simply clicking their leather boots together to find their way home. Misty bases all her female characters on the stuff Alice, Dorothy and the Angels were made of: girl-next-door facades with the heart of a kick-butt (but always nice) heroine beating underneath.

Ready to spring into action if Charlie should call, Misty meanwhile cultivates her nice girl persona in Illinois with her husband Mark, her twin sons Sam and Ben, and her big dog Max. She’s a member of several writing organizations, teaches creative writing classes at the local YWCA, and blogs on Tuesdays twice a month at Shades of Suspense blogspot (

For more information, visit her website at To receive her bi-monthly newsletter, send an email to or join her Yahoo! Group to receive news and announcements.

Misty believes adventure lies in the heart of every girl-next-door and welcomes hearing about the daring exploits of her readers!

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