Breath of Fire
(Book 1)
July 1, 2009
Available: June 30, 2009
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Tammy Kane

Tammy Kane has lived all across Canada. Born in Newfoundland, but raised equally between New Brunswick and Ontario, she eventually made her home in the cold and windy city of Edmonton, Alberta. She loves the blizzards, the ice that coats the trees, and considers clearing her car off every morning a small ateşli porno price to pay for the breathtaking scenery outside her window as she writes. Tammy has been writing since she was old enough to fantasize about other worlds and civilizations. The very first civilization she created existed at the bottom of an ocean. She was ten, and surprisingly enough, this world was also the first manuscript she penned out almost twenty years later.

Her family has loved writing for generations. Her grandfather, an honored veteran of the Korean War, is a published author in his own genre. His mother wrote throughout her life, but she kept each of her tales to herself out of fear that someone might steal them.

Even her baby sister is hot on her heels to get into print… and the only person in this world who takes it in stride if she catches Tammy giggling with maniacal glee while pounding away at her laptop.

Three handsome men gift Tammy with a life of love and laughter… as well as the occasional gray hair that comes from living with a strong-minded husband and two equally headstrong boys.

But life could get pretty boring if our men were any other way.

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