Christmas Stalking
December 1, 2010
Available: December 14, 2010
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The Song of Orpheus
April 1, 2009
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November 1, 2008
Available: November 19, 2008
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Selena Kitt

Like any feline, Selena Kitt loves the things that make her purr-and wants nothing more than to make others purr right along with her! Pleasure is her middle name, whether itís a short cat nap stretched out in the sun or a long kitty bath. She makes it a priority to explore all the delightful distractions she can find, and follow her vivid and often racy imagination wherever it wants to lead her.

This sassy, outrageous author lives with her husband and children in the Midwest, all of whom she thinks are the catís meow. Her writing embodies everything from the spicy to the scandalous, but watch out-this kitty also has sharp claws and her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.

When sheís not pawing away at her keyboard, Selena runs an innovative publishing company ( and in her spare time, she worships her devoted husband, corrals four kids and a dozen chickens, all while growing an organic garden. She also loves bellydancing and photography.

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