Mortal Touch
(The Vampires of New England: Book 1)
August 1, 2008
Available: August 15, 2008
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Inanna Arthen

Inanna Arthen began studying vampire literature and folklore in the 1960's, when she persuaded a reluctant librarian to allow her to borrow Montague Summers' The Vampire in Europe and an unabridged copy of Dracula from the adult stacks. In the years since then she has amassed a collection of non-fiction and scholarly material in the field of vampirology that includes academic monographs and unpublished doctoral dissertations along with more popular works.

In 1987, the editor of FireHeart magazine asked Ms. Arthen to write an article about her researches into vampires as an occult phenomenon. The article, "Real Vampires," was published in issue #2 of FireHeart, but found a global audience when it was first placed online in early 1997. In August of 1997, Ms. Arthen responded to the sensation her article caused by creating the first version of her website, then titled the Real Vampires Home Page. This humble site almost immediately became one of the best known and most visited vampire-themed websites online. After going through two name changes and several major redesigns, By Light Unseen ( incorporates an archive of rare non-fiction articles and an online bookstore with more than five hundred titles, and is still a leading website for those interested in vampire folklore, fiction and fact.

Ms. Arthen's expertise ranges far beyond vampirology. An initiated Pagan priestess, she holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Harvard University and has facilitated several small Pagan working groups. She regularly designs and leads complete services for Unitarian-Universalist churches in Ashby and Winchendon, Massachusetts. A trained psychic, Ms. Arthen has taught classes in psychic development, meditation and "practical magick working" (a true crowd-pleaser!), and has extensive knowledge and experience of every branch of paranormal phenomena. Ms. Arthen is a trained actor and skilled public speaker, and considers herself a story-teller as much as a writer. She worked for ten years in a battered women's shelter and has been trained in domestic abuse, substance abuse and mental health counseling. She brings a lifetime of highly varied and colorful experience to her writing. Ms. Arthen is a member of Mensa and plans to start a Mensa SIG on the theme of vampire studies.

Born in Vermont, Ms. Arthen has been a resident of Massachusetts since 1971. She loves New England fervently and never plans to leave, even if the glaciers return. She lives in Pepperell, Massachusetts with four cats and a disgraceful number of books.

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