Eve of Chaos
(Marked: Book 3)
July 1, 2009
Available: June 30, 2009
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Eve of Destruction
(Marked: Book 2)
June 1, 2009
Available: June 2, 2009
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Eve of Darkness
(Marked: Book 1)
April 1, 2009
Available: April 28, 2009
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S. J. Day

Pseudonym for Sylvia Day.

This is where I tell you about me, I suppose. Not my favorite thing to do—I find it awkward—but here goes.

I’ve been a published author for over three years now and have been blessed to have sold 17 novels and several novellas to several different publishers during that time. I’ve won many awards for my writing and a few of my books have been national bestsellers, but the MARKED series is a whole ‘nother animal altogether. It’s the most ambitious, exhausting, over-my-head project I have ever had the fortune to tackle. I love it and was once again blessed when I found my editor Heather Osborn and publisher Tor-Forge, who loved the concept as much as I do. They asked me to write the first three books together so they could release them back-to-back in Spring 2009. I’m incredibly grateful for their enthusiasm and faith.

So here I am, a veteran feeling like a newbie. New name, new genre, giant hopes and expectations. I hope you’ll try the MARKED series when it releases in May, June and July 2009. I can promise I put my heart and soul into these books, and I think they’re my best work yet.

No matter what genre I write in, I have a few storytelling “trademarks” — strong but sympathetic heroine, moments of humor, plot twists, sexual tension (one of my strengths, if I say so myself), vivid descriptions, and breakneck pacing.

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