Burning Bridges
July 1, 2008
Available: July 1, 2008
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Anne Krist

Pseudonym for Dee S. Knight.

As Anne Krist, I have an advantage in that my alter-ego, Dee S. Knight, has had lots of adventures. So, though Iím super nice and tremendously sweet, Iím gonna steal all her info.

Iíve lived a wild and crazy life, but I blame it all on my husband, Jack. We met when I was thirteen, students in an Algebra I class. I didnít think much about him except that he was nice. The next year he went away to school, but the year after that we happened to meet again, over Christmas vacation. He took me home for dinner, and when he went back to school a couple of weeks later we agreed that weíd get married ďsomeday.Ē That was over thirty-five years ago, and we havenít looked back.

Jack and I didnít settle down into a boring married life. In fact, settled doesnít describe us at all. Iíve worked as a clerk, gift wrapper, computer consultant, librarian, housemother for a cottage of teenage boys, teacher, technical writer, adult educator, truck driver, and some six years ago (ta-da!), author. Itís all been a blast, but I like to think the best is yet to come.

Writing is such funóa great outlet for creativity but also for aggression. If I run across a woman who gives me a hard time, I just make her a character and kill her off. If a guy ticks me off, I make him a secondary character, set him up with a really sexy partner and then make him impotent. Heeheehee.

Of course, it works the other way, too. I can base heroes and heroines on friends. But somehow, itís not quite as much fun as flipping a virtual (literary) bird at people who irritate. Not that I inspire much irritation. *batting eyes*

Whether itís writing a quick short story, a novella or full-length novel, erotic romance or non-erotica, creating stories for people to enjoy has been the biggest thrill of my various professions. Jack is my biggest fan (and even writes with me now and then), making authoring a family affair. I canít think of anything better!

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