The Pleasure of His Bed
August 1, 2008
Available: August 26, 2008
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Melissa MacNeal

Truly a woman for the new millennium, I first appeared in print with DEVIL'S FIRE in 2000.

I'd published in other genres (that's another story--and another website!) but breaking into erotica--bringing on the body heat for all to see and read--took more, well--juice than I needed for my previous books! Readers believe you are your characters when you write any kind of fiction, so now my husband's friends think they know all my deep, cheap secrets--and they believe he's one lucky stud.

(heh. was there ever a question, really?)

Who knew that DEVILíS FIRE would spark a whole new persona, with a signature outfit, for when I speak at conferences and do autographings? I was prepping for my first signing as Melissa when the managerís assistant (way ahead of her time--and me) said the two magic words:

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