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August 1, 2008
Available: August 3, 2008
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Chris Howard

I love to create, primarily with words. I am a writer who also paints. I work in watercolors and digital formats, sometimes mixing them. Most of my recent artwork has a sea theme, which comes out of my fiction writing over the last three years. There are particular themes I enjoy studying and expressing, the ocean as a source of life and dark forests.

So...I write SF and fantasy novels and short stories, and I paint in watercolor and digital. ( to see some of my art). I was born in Indiana, but as an army brat, I grew up all over: Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Presidio of San Francisco, France, Germany and Japan. I'm a software engineer and part time Aristotelian philosopher. My short stories have appeared in The Harrow, Another Realm, Ultraverse, Quantum Muse and others. Nanowhere is an SF thriller I released under a Creative Commons license.

Publications: "Diminisher of Peace" (The Harrow - Sept. 2005), "Always Becoming" (The Harrow - Jan. 2006), "The Greek Kalends" (Quantum Muse - Jan. 2006), "Tyrannicide" (Scribal Tales), "The Wine of Ravens" (Sacred Twilight), "Superfun Sites" (Another Realm).

I have explored the publicity side of the business with my SF thriller, Nanowhere, which, after a mention from Cory Doctorow in the widely read culture blog, BoingBoing, has been downloaded over seven thousand times since May 2006. Cory Doctorow: "Chris Howard has released a young adult sf thriller called "Nanowhere" under a Creative Commons license, along with a bunch of supplementary materials that purports to be the lab notes and publications of one of the book's characters. I just read the first couple pages and they're interesting and well-written -- it's up to you to figure out if the whole book is your cup of tea!"

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