Resisting Command
May 1, 2008
Available: May 21, 2008
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Taking Command
January 1, 2008
Available: January 14, 2008
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Jennifer Leeland

Pseudonym for Jennifer McKenzie.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl...

I loved Harlequin romances when I was little and used to sneak them from my mother's bookshelf. But my father influenced me with Agatha Christie, Ngiao Marsh and Arthur Conan Doyle. I always loved to write but never thought about becoming an author.

In 2003, a profound experience changed that. My mother showed me a manuscript written by my father. No one had ever seen it. No agent. No editor. No one. He died in 2002 never realizing his dream to be a published author.

I wondered if that would be my fate? Would my family come across my attempts at story telling and shake their heads in pity? I vowed that I would at least try.

Romance seemed to be my genre, but there was a small problem. Dead bodies kept showing up. Apparently, I couldn't write a romance without a little mystery. Luckily for me, romantic suspense is a thriving genre.

I have also gotten to write fantasy ("Fires Of Passion") and a quirky series about an alcoholic guardian angel (Divine Intervention Series).

Jennifer Leeland was born when I wanted to write erotic romance. I'd loved reading it and wanted to take a shot. It turned out that writing erotic was as much fun as reading it. The more I write, the farther I want to go.

But my first love is romantic suspense.

I live with a Redneck, who loves to brainstorm with me on occasion, and my two dirt faced Okie kids in the Northern California Boonies. And I write all my love scenes with Thomas The Tank Engine in the background.

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