Lydia Joyce

When I was very young, I didn't want to be a writer. I wanted to be a grandma. After all, grandmas don't have to work, they enjoy the company of children whenever they desire, and whenever they don't, they send them home to their parents. I would wear a large-old fashioned hat, have salt-and-pepper Gibson girl hair, and grow roses.

When I discovered that grandma-ing was not a career, I settled on writing as second best.

I began dictating my first stories to my mother before I could write. I filled notebooks in elementary school, and in middle school and high school, I wrote over 800 manuscript pages in my spare time as well as four plays that saw production.

Yet I never seriously considered writing as a career after elementary school. Writers starve, I was always told; a writer makes a decent wage about as often as pigs fly. And I wanted to make money, so I moved from Texas to Indiana to enroll in Purdue's engineering program.

I hated it.

Finally, I decided there was a good deal of difference between being good at a thing and liking it and that liking it was more important, so I left engineering. After changing my major a second time, I still managed to graduate in four years with majors in English and Spanish and a minor in religious studies--and almost another major in creative writing if illness hadn't prevented me from completing it. Meanwhile, I wrote three manuscripts and began submitting them and collecting rejection letters.

After graduation, I married a wonderful man I met my sophomore year, and so far we have one son. We're now living in the D.C. area, where I write full time and update my website as frequently as possible.

I got my first contract in the late spring of 2004, two years after I graduated from college, and I'm hoping to sell many more books!

In addition to writing, I am a competitive ballroom dancer as well as a sometime gardener.

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