The Fury
(Time Walker: Book 1)
October 1, 2008
Available: October 28, 2008
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Together in Darkness
April 1, 2008
Available: April 1, 2008
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Highland Stone
October 1, 2007
Available: October 13, 2007
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Sloan McBride

As far back as I can remember, I've always been a romantic. I grew up with fairy tales and happily ever after. My imagination has always been my friend and kept me entertained and hopeful. I married young and have been married to the same man for over 25 years. We have two beautiful children who renew my hope for the future.

The stories have long been lurking in my mind, but life interfered with ever pursuing them until a few years ago when writing suddenly came to the forefront of my existence. I knew I wanted a change in my life and that I needed more personal fulfillment. Obviously, for me, writing was the way to go, and what else to write, for a romantic, but romance. I try to keep my stories realistic but they all have paranormal elements.

I look forward to a long writing career and hope that all of you will be there with me. I thank my Mom for always encouraging me to reach for my dreams. Please come visit my site occasionally, because you never know what I will be thinking up next. AND WELCOME TO MY

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