The Marquis
(Gypsy Legacy: Book 1)
November 1, 2007
Available: November 20, 2007
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Denise Patrick

Born in an Army Medical Center that no longer exists, I have lived my entire life around the military. First an Army brat, then an Army officer, then married to a (now retired) Army officer, I have traveled extensively in the United States and Europe. With eleven schools under my belt before receiving a degree in European History with dual minors in English and German, I finally settled on school number twelve and emerged with a law degree in. . .you don’t need to know how long ago. Suffice it to say that, had I remained in the Army, I would be retired by now.

Living in Europe with a vivid imagination was all it took for me to start writing. In Junior High and High School, my best friend read everything I wrote and asked for more. Once I started reading my mother’s Barbara Cartland romances I was hooked on historical romance.

Writing took a backseat to life while I married and had a couple of kids, but I never stopped reading and enjoying romances – especially historicals. My aunt and I used to joke about writing our own someday, but when she died in 2002, I realized that we’d waited too long and if I ever wanted to write, now was the time to do something about it. As a form of therapy, I began writing again and when the smoke cleared in 2004, I had written four complete novels.

Juggling church, a full time job, tennis leagues, and my craft and sewing addictions doesn’t leave much time for myself and writing, but being busy is what keeps me going.

Visit my blog at and leave me a note. I love to chat about history and writing. My favorite time periods are Regency, Victorian, and the span of the Holy Roman Empire in central Europe.

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