Nobody: An Anthology of Dark Fiction
December 1, 2006
Available: December 5, 2006
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Mellisa Sherlin

Photo Credit: Dark Hart site

Mellisa Sherlin has always thought writing was magic, and she didn't try her hand at the craft until her second grade teacher, Mrs. Hargraves taught the class how to properly punctuate dialoged with the challenge, "Now, write a conversation yourself." To the amazement of her teacher, Mellisa finished her homework that night. And while the other children turned in two or three scribbled sentences, Mellisa turned in a five page story base on her favorite book, she entitled Mr. Toad and Mr. Frog Go to the Store that she had painstakingly typed on her mother's manual type writer.

Decades on, Mellisa is still writing conversations and basking in the magical glow of those words dance across the screen of her traveled laptop computer and in print. Three years ago, she found and joined the highly talented, Essex Writer's and Artisan's Guild.

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