Lady in White
(Bride's Inn: Book 1)
October 1, 2007
Available: October 1, 2007
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Catherine Chernow

I sank my writing teeth into my first romance novel after years of reading my favorite authors...Linda Howard, Karen Robards, Kat Martin (just to name a few!). Those ladies inspired me to write my own romances and now, it's my passion.

I'm fascinated by the paranormal...I love to be scared. Ghost stories are my favorite. As a child I read 'The Haunting of Hill House' by Shirley Jackson (it was made into a movie a couple of times...a good one to watch with your favorite honey...and cuddle up to when it gets real scary!). That book made me want to write ghost stories and heightened my interest in the paranormal.

Born in the land of the 'Midnight Sun' ( Fairbanks , Alaska ), I'm an 'army brat.' When my mother's plane landed at Ladd Air Force Base in Fairbanks (no army base...they had to share with the air force back then!), she didn't want to get off - she and my sister were decked out in heavy winter coats and boots - my mother figured it was always icy cold & snowy in Alaska. Meanwhile, it was summer - and 100 degrees! My father stood there waiting for her on the tarmac in a short-sleeve shirt, shorts & sunglasses. She never forgot the experience - and neither did my father. That summer, my mother said the sun never set - there was 24 hours of daylight. Soon we moved on, and at the tender age of three, my family and I settled on Long Island , where I've resided ever since. Long Island's North Shore 'Gold Coast' is where many of my books & stories take place - it's beautiful! Cliffs that look out over the Long Island Sound...a rocky, sandy coastline where pirates once smuggled in contraband...and fabulous old mansions from 'old money' families abound.

I met the love of my life over thirty years ago (we've been together ever since). When I walked into my office at Long Island's largest newspaper one morning after taking a week's vacation, a tall, dark-haired man sat at my desk, his sheer height filling the small space. He gazed up, his eyes meeting mine, making my heart flutter and my pulse race.

His deep voice washed over me, the timber rich and warm, as he asked, "You're Oscar?"

My what the girls in the office called me. I had a very long, last name (the kind with lots of consonants thrown together). Hence, they named me Oscar and all my husband heard them say while I was away were things like, "When Oscar gets back, we're going to do this...when Oscar gets back, I have to tell Oscar that..." My husband thought he was filling in for a man the entire time I was away on vacation (hmmm...I think my friends enjoyed their little deception).

To this day, my husband says he never forgot when I walked in to the newspaper office...I wore a wide-brimmed, floppy hat on my head, a short, flirty skirt, and high, cork-wedge shoes (very 70's). He was thrilled that I wasn't a man! And happier still when I got to know him...and agreed to go out with him.

Our first kiss, one I'll never forget, is reflected in one of my books...THE FINE ART OF KISSING.

When I'm not writing, my favorite things to do are reading, gardening, and cooking for large crowds (I love to entertain friends and family!). My hubby and I (he's my hero) enjoy traveling - we've been to Aruba and all over the United States and Canada (and I've been to Europe... Italy is molto bello - very beautiful).

When the hubby and I are not on the go, we're spending time with our two terrific children (now grown) and...our two cats.

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