September 1, 2007
Available: September 25, 2007
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Mary Castillo

Photo Credit: Susan Mapes

When Mary Castillo was ten, her grandmother all but predicted the future.

In the backyard of her parentsí home in National City, CA, Mary imagined she would grow up to be Wonder Woman, or the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director. When she didnít grow up to look like Linda Carter and then realized she really didnít like working with people (as a director, one must unfortunately, work with lots and lots of them), she looked back on what her Grandma Margie had said to her.

ďThe best job in the world has to be an author. You can live wherever you want, while wearing what you want, and write stories.Ē

Mary took stock of the fact that 96% of her worldly possessions amounted to books and 99% of her time to her imagination. In 1994, a career was born. Two screenplays, four manuscripts, 21 rejection letters, and nine years later she sold her first book, Hot Tamara to Avon Trade. And Grandma was right: making stuff up wearing what you want is the best job in the world.

A lifelong professional writer, including a stint as a reporter for the LA Times Community News (second best job in the world), Mary is now living her dream writing sassy comedies for Avon Trade and Latina lit for St. Martins. Together with her fearless colleagues, Francoise and Rascal (aka The Pugs), she is also writing young adult fiction as well as a mystery series about a cub reporter in a small town. One day, Mary swears that she will write a great American epic.

The one thing that most people donít know about Mary is that she grew up in a haunted house. She also hates dark chocolate, cries every darn time she sees the movie, Casablanca, and feels that Joan Collins is by far the preeminent TV villain.

Mary lives in The O.C. with her husband and The Pugs.

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