Pushing Fate
March 1, 2009
Available: March 12, 2009
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Last Man Standing
(Sequel to Swift Heart)
September 1, 2007
Available: September 20, 2007
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Janet Davies

Pseudonym: Amarinda Jones.

Rose Perfect came to life after Janet received a weird message on her mobile phone. Like her heroine, she also could not work out while the year 2049 was flashing up from the screen. Unlike her heroine, no time traveler appeared but a story idea was born. Janet finds the concepts of time travel, parallel universes and dimension hopping fascinating possibilities. When you add a dash of romance, who knows what can happen.

Janet lives in Brisbane, Australia. In her wild youth she traveled the world, got a University degree then realized she had to settle down and do something meaningful with her life. She is still trying to work out what that is but she is hopeful it will come to her one day. Janet is very independent, happily single and extremely difficult to live with. Friends and relatives can provide written evidence of this. Whilst she believes there is someone for everyone, she is very particular as to whom that someone is. So in lieu of any time travelers crossing her path, Janet can wait for her someone. When not working fulltime or plotting and planning her next book, she can be found head down and bum up renovating, gardening, reading, and reviewing books.

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