Venus Guy Trap
December 1, 2010
Available: December 28, 2010
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Venus Envy
January 1, 2008
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Shannon Mckelden

My wade into writing began in the 6th grade when I found out that my short stories earned me A+'s, even though my penmanship earned me D's. Enjoying the pats on the back led to more and more stories...including epics in which I starred as the girlfriend of the Hardy Boy's Shawn Cassidy. My desire to write grew in 9th grade when I gave my English teacher "goosebumps" with an entirely fictionalized character sketch and earned myself the coveted A+++. (I was very greedy about grades back then.) I guess I knew from way back then that I would someday be a writer.

Writing took a back seat to life over the ensuing years (during which I worked in a shoe store and as a bank teller, graduated high school, got married and took on a mortgage), but when my now teen daughter was a baby and naptime was designated as housecleaning time...well, let's just say housework and I don't get along, so I dove back into writing.

I fairly quickly sold two short stories to True Love and True Confessions magazines. What a kick that was! Especially when the checks arrived in the mail...I was a published author (albeit one with no byline, but you can't have everything). A really cheesy love poem finally earned me a byline, legitimizing my authorship. However, again, life intervened. I had to get a real job (as a medical transcriptionist this time), and when my next true confession was rejected (a four letter word in any writer's book!), I moved on and didn't write again for a while.

A brief one year stint in the Romance Writers of America gave me a start on my first romance novel, which I finished a mere nine years later when I rejoined the RWA and really learned what it took to write a book. Since 2000, when I decided I had to either write for real or throw out the dream permanently, I've written five novels, finally making my first sale on May 18, 2005!

Though my first love is the romance novel, I now write Chick Lit, YA, and paranormal, as well as doing some freelancing and continuing to write short stories for the confessions market.

On a personal note:

I've been married to my high school sweetheart since 1986. We have two great kids and live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with two cats, a dog and a crow (yes, you read that right, and no, we really aren't completely crazy...although there are moments when he makes us question that with some seriousness).

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