June 1, 2007
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Janice Sims

Janice Sims once wanted to become a nurse until she witnessed the results of an autopsy while participating in a student career day program at her high school. Totally grossed out, from that point on she knew nursing was not the field for her! Luckily, from the age of seven, she had been hooked on writing. She decided to major in journalism instead. She's glad she did because, today, she's the author of thirteen novels and has contributed to six anthologies.

She's known for writing stories that are humorous, touching and that explore the dynamics of close familial ties. Putting African-American characters in unusual settings is her forte. In her novel, A Bittersweet Love, the hero and heroine met in Ireland of all places! And in For Keeps, the setting was Montana. Even more than unusual settings, Janice enjoys exploring occupations that appeal to her. In Out of the Blue, her heroine, Gaea Maxwell, was a marine biologist who happened to be half-alien. Out of the Blue was the first African-American sci-fi romance. Years later, she wrote a second African-American sci-fi romance, Desert Heat. It went on to win the prestigious Emma Award for Best Heroine in 2004.

If asked to describe her characters, she would say that they are all too human. They are flawed and make mistakes that they regret, and they try to make up for them the best way that they can. Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they fail. But, no matter what, they don't give up. Perseverance is a quality she admires. If not for hanging in there and continuing to send her stories to publishers, she would not be a published author.

She lives in Central Florida with her husband of twenty-five years, Curtis. Love and laughter is a part of their everyday life, because what is life without love and laughter?

You can contact Janice by writing to her at or by visiting her web site at and leaving a message for her. She promises to personally reply to every message.

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