Missy Sue Hanson

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Missy has always been obsessed with tales of the impossible. From fairies to vampires, if it doesn't exist in our world, she wants to write about it. From an early age she was called to the paranormal side of life, making her mom bring her to picnics in cemeteries.

She would make rubbings of the gravestones, then sit and contemplate what kind of people the old bones used to be. Needless to say, her mother was worried!

Like most writers, Missy has always loved to read and write. She also designs cover art for several publishers as well as editing and reviewing for Romance Junkies. She used to own a small crafts business until finally going after her dream, being an author.

Missy lives in rural Missouri with her son and her five year old sister (yes, she's alot younger), whom she says are her angels. Hmmm....dark angels, perhaps??? LOL She also adores her dog, Kane. He saved her life and for that there will never be another creature quite as special to her.

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