The Vampire of Venice Beach
(McAfee Twins: Book 3)
March 1, 2007
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Jennifer Colt

Jennifer Colt is the author of the zany chick-lit crime series, featuring identical twin investigators Terry and Kerry McAfee.

Story of my Life I was born in Dallas, Texas in the year of the monkey.

Monkeys are not known for their decorum. Weíre big-time pranksters, and no respecters of the status quo. I have an in-born suspicion of all authority figures. My motto: Beware the men in funny hats.

All of my heroes have been bareheaded. Most of them have been funny. I truly believe that humor is next to godliness.

I have pursued many interests and performed many jobs on my way to becoming a comedy writer. Here are a few:

Classical pianist, linguist, video salesperson, telephone solicitor, soft-core porn writer, swimmer, childrenís programmer, horror screenwriter, waitress, ballet dancer, photographer, temp, continuity supervisor, development executive, property management service desk operator.

Whew. I get tired just thinking about it.

Iím now the happiest person on earth because I get to be creative all day, thinking of ways to make people chuckle. Iím not hawking someone elseís copyrighted work, Iím not evaluating someone elseís writing, and I ainít fixing toilets. (My first day at the property management company, someone called from a bank to complain they were experiencing ďa bad smellĒ in the storage closet. I didnít know what to doÖCall the ďbad smellĒ police? I couldnít find them in the Rolodex.)

Needless to say, I was not fulfilled doing any of the above. I like to think Iím in my element now, sitting here and getting up to monkeyshines all day long.

I truly believe we were meant to have some fun between cradle and grave. I wish everyone felt the same way!

Keep laughing,


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