Gravitation EX
February 1, 2007
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Maki Murakami

is a Japanese mangaka. She is most famous for the shounen-ai manga Gravitation, which, in addition to the Gravitation novel, is published by in the U.S. by TOKYOPOP. TOKYOPOP also has Kanpai! licensed. There are twelve volumes currently available. She also has written several issues of yaoi doujinshi, published by the group Crocodile Avenue. Rimigra aka Remix Gravitation is the most popular and consists of sexual content but of quite a mild nature, unlike Megamix Gravitation, which is very explicit and detailed. Gravitation was so successful it has its own anime series, which consists of 13 episodes. She has created other manga, but Gravitation is the most famous.

Maki Murakami has continued the Gravitation series with Gravitation EX, which has also been licensed by TOKYOPOP.

Her latest work is Gamerz Heaven, which includes 4 volumes in Japan. It is currently licensed by ADV Films in America.

She is one of many manga artists who draws her own doujinshi.

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