Grave New Day
(Jess Vandermire Vampire Hunter : Book 3)
June 1, 2010
Available: June 15, 2010
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Beyond the Grave
(Jess Vandermire Vampire Hunter : Book 2)
October 1, 2008
Available: October 30, 2008
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Grave Illusions
(Jess Vandermire Vampire Hunter : Book 1)
February 1, 2007
Available: February 8, 2007
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Lina Gardiner

I truly believe writers are born to the calling. There’s nothing that can deter us (forever). No matter how busy our jobs, our family lives, there’s a driving force inside us that has to be heard. Whether we tell stories out loud, or write them down on paper -- the need to create is always with us.

I remember making up stories to entertain myself on long trips in the car. I was probably in elementary school at the time. In high school, I won a Human Right’s Essay Contest, and wrote stories with a group of school friends... I had the bug.

It wasn’t until my son and daughter both went off to University and College simultaneously that I began to write seriously. I wrote three books that year to stave off empty nest syndrome. Since then I’ve written seven full-length books and several partials. When I wrote “Grave Illusions,” my first paranormal, it felt like my writing came alive. I loved my characters and the story exploded onto the pages. I actually wrote the majority of it (after the first 50 pages) in three weeks. Of course, I spent much longer than that on revisions.

A fellow writer once said, “You’ll know it’s THE book when you write it.” I didn’t understand that until “Grave Illusions” was written. I really did believe in it. And when Linda Kilchine of ImaJinn Books offered me a contract before she even finished reading my book, I knew the first part of my dream had been realized.

I am currently working on two manuscripts; another paranormal, and a mystery. I think the mystery will be finished first, but who knows which way my muse will lead me.

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