Martin Miller

Pseudonym: Martin Scott.

Martin Scott is the pseudonym of Martin Millar. As well as writing about Thraxas, I also write novels under my own name. I come from Scotland and I live in London.

This biography is very out of date. For instance, in the years since I wrote it, I developed severe agoraphobia, which causes me a lot of problems. Another good day with Buffy, Lara and the fairies.

I come from Glasgow in Scotland though I haven't lived there for a long time. My dad worked in a cigarette factory and my mum worked as a shop assistant. I didn't go to university and after I left school I moved to London where I did a lot of menial jobs, finally ending up as a clerk for the local council. I stopped working when my books started being published. I've been in South London for twenty years or so. I live on my own, which I like, as it enables me to lie around in my underwear and drink beer like that great role model, Homer Simpson.

I spend my time either at my computer, or playing the flute, or watching American TV, or reading ancient history. I am particularly keen on Cicero and Aristophanes. It would be nice to have lived in Classical Athens. There again, they didn't have football and I am a big football fan. When I was young in Glasgow I supported Celtic. My favourite team in England is Arsenal.

Having passed forty a few years ago I've now stopped counting. This photograh of me holding the World Fantasy Award is quite recent but I think in real life I look more careworn. Also, my hair is getting thinner all the time. Hum. I am not a good cook and am only kept alive by the fine range of vegetarian ready meals from Linda McCartney. I do Tai chi Chuan, and meditate, and I exercise, fighting the ravages of time, and smoking.

I don't know anything about modern literature, or art, really. My favourite cultural experiences of the moment are my gigantic new history of Rome, and my huge collection of Buffy videos. I believe in God but never seem to make it to church. I am very fond of my website. And that will do for now. It's fine to start a sentence with 'and'. Jane Austen did it.

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