Twisted Tails
April 1, 2006
Available: April 1, 2006
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J. Richard Jacobs Editor

Well, hello to you and welcome. I'm J. Richard Jacobs, but you can call me "J" and dispense with all the rest of it. I've been an avid and active amateur astronomer since my "first light" through a telescope in 1947 (is he that old?) and began writing professional level in 1956.

Technical writing, copy writing and technical illustration were the income generators until 1965, when I turned my attention to naval architecture. There was a brief (28 year) hiatus in my writing while I spent my time doing the science and engineering involved in the largest moving structures on Earth, although I continued to write papers and articles on applied math, science, engineering, design, and astronomy.

These days, now that I'm "retired," I write Science Fiction in both the hard and soft varieties. But, honestly, I tend to cross genre a lot because of the way I feel about populating a story with reachable, touchable characters with all their strengths, weaknesses, successes, failures and foibles.

I write Fantasy, too, but I've never managed to do it successfully in novel lengths--just can't seem to hurdle that short story wall, but I have a lot of fun with the short stories I write. I?ve tried my hand at Horror, but, for some reason, I've had trouble with that, too. Someday, when I'm in a particularly nasty mood, I may be able to do it. In the meantime, my horror pieces tend to be very short...and funny. Oh, well...I guess I'm stuck with Humorous Horror.

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