Cally's War
October 1, 2004
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Julie Cochrane

Julie Cochrane was born in Ohio and grew up in New York and South Carolina, with a lot of time in Alabama along the way. She wrote her first stories at five years old, and made her first attempts at novels in junior high and high school when she had more appetite for science fiction and fantasy than money for books.

Initially studying Chemistry at Georgia Tech, she got her bachelors in Psychology and promptly decided that Computer Science really would have been a better way to earn a living. She spent a number of years as an Oracle Database Programmer and Usenet Addict. After leaving the cubicle jungle to homeschool her daughter, she discovered more time to write fiction and the wonderful world of Baen's Bar. She lives in the Atlanta Metro area with her husband, their daughter, one very enthusiastic German Shepherd, and the gerbil custodian of the secrets of the universe.

Hobbies and interests include pistol marksmanship, reading, history, criminology, Irish language and folk music.

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