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September 1, 2005
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Editor: George Zebrowski

eorge Zebrowski is the author of more than 70 short stories and almost 40 books, including the critically acclaimed novel Macrolife and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award-winning Brute Orbits. His short fiction collections include In the Distance, and Ahead in Time and Swift Thoughts, and will soon be joined by a new collection of horror stories, Black Pockets.

Zebrowski has also edited many collections. With Jack Dann, Zebrowski oversaw Faster Than Light, a collection of essays and stories concerning a theoretical innovation on par with the domestication of fire and the invention of the wheel—namely, star travel at superluminal velocities. With Gregory Benford, Zebrowski put together Sky Life, a collection devoted to the dramatic and technical possibilities of long-term human habitations in space. On his own, he has edited five volumes of original science fiction in the Synergy series, including the newly published Synergy SF: New Science Fiction.

George Zebrowski chatted with Science Fiction Weekly by e-mail recently, discussing the view from beneath the brim of his editor's hat.

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