Secrets, Volume 11
December 1, 2004
Available: December 1, 2004
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Jennifer Probst

Iíve always wanted to be a writer. At twelve, I took a pen in hand and wrote my first love story. I havenít stopped since. Those heroines taught me valuable lessons that served me well. I learned to keep my head up high and surge forward when I was afraid; I learned to demand respect in a relationship; I learned about compromise and dreams and independence. Those are the stories I want to write, and I can only hope I give back some of the joy I received over the years. I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York. Iíve traveled to many places but always seem to be drawn back to the mountains. I graduated with a business degree and spend my days working at Mercy Collegeóthe other hours I dedicate to my characters. Iíve pursued many career paths such as travel agent, yoga teacher and insurance salesperson. Iíve wanted to be an airline pilot, a dancer, an archaeologist, and a vineyard owner. I have been all of the above through romance novels, and intend to explore many more.

One of my turning points in my career was when I joined Romance Writer's of America and met the wonderful people in my local chapter, The Hudson Valley RWA. Through supportive critique sessions, I learned how to develop my raw skills to get a publishable manuscript. I discovered my tendency for wordy prologues and passive phrases that all new writers work through, and now try to help others on their journey.

My "leisure time" is spent writing, reading, and raising an active toddler. I believe animals are the other children in this world, and enjoy spending time at the local animal shelter, where I got my first "baby" Bella, a shepherd hound mix who gets into as much trouble as my son! I rescued my second dog from an abusive home, a beagle, basset hound who is the peacemaker in the household.

I met the love of my life when I had finally given up on my own romantic journey. The first time he asked me out he promised to buy my book if he could buy me dinner. We had dinner and fell in love over sushi and havenít been apart since. We married and settled into domestic bliss. That's when I learned it wasnít about happy endings. It was about happy beginnings.

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