Flight of the Gryphon
May 1, 2007
Available: May 1, 2007
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A Promise to Keep
January 1, 2005
Available: January 1, 2005
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Ann Durand

For many years, Ann Durand has loved to read. A year ago, she wrote her first romantic suspense novel, A Promise to Keep, and was pleased to sign with Double Dragon Publishing soon after finishing. She is currently writing a sci fi romance, which will soon be complete.

Ann's philosophy is simple. She believes that there is enough good will to go around for everyone, and what goes around comes around. In other words, eventually we receive the benefits of our good intentions and efforts.

Ann lives near the ocean in San Diego, California with her husband, Ray, and their cat, Ginger. She loves to take long walks on the beach with her husband. One day, as they were watching the ocean, a pod of dolphins streaked through the breaking waves on a route parallel to the shoreline. Their silver backs arched above the water as they slipped in and out of the surf. They were gone almost as quickly as they came, but the impression of their spirited flight remained. Ann added the memory to a list of images she plans to use in her stories. She enjoys incorporating her impressions into her writing, both the unusual and those everyday special moments.

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