The Bloody Crown of Conan
(Conan Series)
November 1, 2004
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Robert E. Howard

Robert E. Howard was an American original, standing alongside such giants as Edgar Allan Poe, Dashiell Hammett, and H.P. Lovecraft in helping to completely redefine the face of modern literature.

Though most prominently known for creating the genre now known as “Sword & Sorcery”, Howard’s body of work includes historical adventure, suspense, epic poetry, gothic horror, sea stories and Western burlesques in the vein of the great Mark Twain.

Over the past 75 years, Howard’s original work - comprising more than 800 stories, poems and novels - has gained a vast international audience. This renown has given rise to major motion picture franchises, TV series, comic book and graphic novel adaptations, games, toys and merchandising.

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