Dearest Beloved
October 31, 2001
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A Hitch In Time
October 1, 2000
Available: November 8, 2006
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(Magical Love)
March 1, 2000
Available: November 9, 2006
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Christine Holden

Christine Holden is the mother/daughter writing team of Leslie-Christine Megahey and Shirley Holden-Ferdinand, two native New Orleanians, who have been penning stories together since 1991. Shirley has been writing since she was 16, and Leslie "penned" her first book at the age of 4, a school project that still sits proudly on the shelf at home.

After growing up watching her mother create fantastic characters, Leslie asked Shirley to write an Antebellum story that Leslie had thought of because of her fascination and love of the architecture of the old houses.

Shirley agreed after Leslie promised to do all the researching, typing, corrections, and chapter editions on the novel, and Christine Holden was born. Leslie has been a member of RWA since 1993, and belongs to the East Texas Chapter and Coeur de Louisiane. Now, 7 years and 10 manuscripts later, they're finally realizing their dreams.

Ms. Holden's speech on writing with a partner is included in Katherine Falk's 1998 Edition of "How To Write Romance For The New Markets And Get Published, Volume I."

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