Made for Two Champions
(Made for Two: Book 4)
October 1, 2008
Available: October 22, 2008
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Half Wild
June 1, 2008
Available: June 13, 2008
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Made for Two Heroes
(Made for Two: Book 3)
April 1, 2008
Available: April 9, 2008
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Made for Two Rivals
(Made for Two: Book 2)
March 1, 2007
Available: March 15, 2007
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Alpha Romeos
February 1, 2007
Available: February 1, 2007
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Kingdom of Khal: Redeeming Davik
April 14, 2004
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Madison Hayes

"Damn." Brian grabbed an awl. Leaning over me, he forged a new hole in the too-big belt.
"Any advice?" I asked him as I pulled the belt tight.
"Yeah. Don't reach for the ore cart until it starts moving, then jump on the back and immediately duck your head. The voltage in the overhead cable won't just kill you. It'll blow you apart."

That was my first day on my first job. Employed as an engineer, I've worked in an underground mine that went up— inside a mountain. I've swung over the Ohio River in a tiny cage suspended from a crane in the middle of an electrical storm. I've hung over the Hudson River at midnight in an aluminum boat—30 foot in the air—suspended from a floating barge at the height of a blizzard, while snowplows on the bridge overhead rained slush and salt down on my shoulders. You can't do this sort of work without developing a sense of humor, and a sense of adventure.

New to publishing, I read my first romance two years ago and started writing. Both my reading and writing habits are subject to mood and I usually have several stories going at once. When I need a really good idea for a story, I clean toilets. Now there's an activity that engenders escapism.

I was surveying when I met my husband. He was my 'rod man'. While I was trying to get my crosshairs on his stadia rod, he dropped his pants and mooned me. Next thing I know, I've got the backside of paradise in my viewfinder. So I grabbed the walkie-talkie. "That's real nice," I told him, "but would you please turn around? I'd rather see the other side." was love at first sight.

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