King for a Day
June 13, 2004
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The Essence of Magic
March 29, 2004
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Paris Dixon

Paris Dixon was born and raised in the "steamy South"—Savannah, GA., to be exact—an undisclosed number of years ago. According to Paris, having grown up in a city filled with countless historical homes and avenues where hanging moss lazily sways from live oaks did much for her vivid imagination, especially after majoring in history in college. Her period of focus has always been the antebellum era of American History.

"The decades prior to the Civil War," says Paris, "have always fascinated me. This was a time when dresses became wider, tempers ran shorter, and a horrific institution called 'slavery' was the norm. I've often wondered what might have occurred within the walls of some of Savannah's grand estates and plantation houses when a combination of humid-heavy summers and society's strict mores played havoc with the urges of handsome young gentlemen and their nubile ladyloves. As personal accounts of the period clearly indicate, courting lovers of the era were wont to raise a glass of mint julep on their shady verandahs and complain about the weather while batting eyelashes at one another in the company of matronly chaperones. But what happened during these heat-filled summers when these passionate young adults with raging hormones decided to ditch these observant sentinels in favor of some 'alone time'? Unfortunately, I suspect some of the more fascinating history of mankind never made it into the history books."

Paris is the award-winning author of several historical erotica books and the forthcoming Cry Merci (scheduled for release in 2004 by Amber Quill Press). Additionally, both of her short contemporary erotica stories, Lechery For The Devil and Morning Ritual, are now available, as well as her paranormal erotica novella Passion Knows No Boundaries. Other stories of erotic romance are either coming soon from Amber Quill Press or are in the works (see her website for more information).

Additionally, Paris sometimes collaborates on various books in the erotica genre with award-winning author Catherine Snodgrass under the pen name Caitlyn Willows. White Lies is available now, while the novels Déjà Vu and Treasure Hunters are scheduled for release from Amber Quill Press.

Paris loves to hear from her readers, so feel free to email her at

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