Chaz Thompson

Chaz Thompson began by writing screenplays back in the early 1990s, but after months of "artistic differences" he fired his agent and vowed to invest his energies instead in novels, where the final word lies in the hands of the author.

A long-time admirer of sci-fi, he toyed with a variety of plots and characters, but it wasn't until his wife suggested he exploit his secret talent of writing erotica that he finally achieved literary satisfaction. His first effort, ZOOT, combined the best of both worlds in a story of an alien lord who travels trans-dimensionally to find women for his magnificent harem. When he abducts a woman from Earth for a different reason, the future of his kingdom falls upon her shoulders. The twist is, she doesn't know how important she is. Until it's too late.

Not a fan of the gritty S&M genre, Chaz nevertheless created in ZOOT a dark tale where sex is more than simply essential, it is intensified beyond the average portrayal. "The one thing I always wanted in erotica," he has observed, "was an emotional account of sex, not just a mechanical depiction."

Though ZOOT was his first full-length erotic novel, he had warmed up to the subject of erotica long before, penning dozens of steamy short stories for on-line groups and clubs, always receiving requests for more. After ZOOT, Chaz reviewed his earlier works and selected ten for a collection he would call CANDY CONCUSSION.

"It's a metaphor," he explains, "for orgasm. I'm on a perpetual quest for emotional terms that describe the indescribable moment where sex becomes something more than a bodily function."

CANDY CONCUSSION offers a range of sexually explicit vignettes, from a brief valentine for his wife to surrealistic encounters to humorous parodies to expansive stories with fully developed characters and plots. To read excerpts from each entry, visit his website at

Be forewarned, however, CANDY CONCUSSION and ZOOT are not for the faint of heart. They contain explicit scenes intended for adults, about adults.

Another novel is in the works, but since Chaz doesn't divulge details of unfinished material, we'll have to wait until it is published, sometime during the summer of 2004. In the meantime, ZOOT and CAND^Y CONCUSSION are both available at Amazon, Borders, and Booksamillion on-line stores.

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