Wild Angel
(Wild: Book 6)
January 1, 2008
Available: January 2, 2008
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In My Wild Dream
(Wild: Book 5)
February 1, 2007
Available: February 6, 2007
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Beyond the Wild Wind
(Wild: Book 4)
February 1, 2006
Available: February 7, 2006
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Across a Wild Sea
(Wild: Book 3)
February 1, 2005
Available: February 1, 2005
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In a Wild Wood
(Wild: Book 2)
August 1, 2004
Available: August 3, 2004
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Under a Wild Sky
(Wild: Book 1)
February 1, 2004
Available: February 3, 2004
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Sasha Lord

Sasha Lord has lived an exciting life since dropping out of high school and beginning her wide travels. Throughout the United States, she has been a competitive horse show jumper, a sheep rancher, a commercial fisherman, a dancer, a horse and dog trainer, a sled dog musher, and to her great delight, an accomplished small animal veterinarian.

Sasha Lord comes from an Irish-Italian family of doctors and writers. Although writing was always her first love, she also developed her scientific skills in one of the top veterinary medical colleges in the world, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine in New York.

She graduated from Mills College in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with honors, while also focusing on philosophy. Although she enjoyed the rigorous education, early signs pointed to her writing career. As a child, she wrote continuously, and participated in numerous literary conferences at her teacher's invitation. She once went to the principle's office for ditching school because she wanted to finish the last pages of a particularly thrilling novel.

She currently owns a small animal veterinary hospital and sees dogs, cats, small mammals and reptiles. She enjoys relaxing atop her favorite silver thoroughbred horse, Cashmere, and has the pleasure of raising four beautiful, energetic young children and one rambunctious toddler. Her husband is an ex-airline pilot, who now runs a hobby shop and spends his days playing with remote control cars, planes, and helicopters. Definitely an alpha male, he and Sasha have a dynamic, passionate relationship!

Sasha actively supports local humane societies and animals in need by providing a fund for their care within her practice. She is well known in her church as a generous, lively and caring veterinarian and mother. Her family has recently swelled with the addition of a plethora of rescued animals including her Dalmatian, her enormous three legged Pit Bull and her ball python snake. She also has two leopard geckos, two African frogs and a domestic Bengal cat.

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