When the Beast Ravens
(Sequel to A School for Sorcery)
January 1, 2005
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A Perilous Power
January 7, 2004
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E. Rose Sabin

Photo Credit: Nancy E. Thomas

I live in Pinellas County, Florida, with my two dogs, B'Elanna and Dax. I call B'Elanna my Klingon hound. She's a beautiful mutt of unknown parentage. Dax, a Walker hound, loves to chase squirrels and possums. Sometimes she catches them, and she doesn't understand why that makes "Mom" so unhappy.

I'm a former teacher, having taught Spanish and English for many years, mostly in middle school, but also as an adjunct instructor in junior college. I'm now devoting my time to writing fantasy and science fiction stories and novels.. My stories have won many awards, and A School for SorceryŚmy first novelŚwon the Andre Norton Gryphon award in 1992 as an unpublished manuscript.

I am currently working on other novels set in the same world as A School for Sorcery, as well as other, unrelated novels.

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