Prophecy of the Seventh Dragon
(Eskarian Defender series: Book 1)
September 1, 2005
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The Last Expedition
April 3, 2004
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Prophesy of the Seventh Dragon
August 1, 2003
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Tyler Blackwood

Not everyone is suited to the writer's life. It is truly a solitary existence. Much as I miss some aspect of a life among people, I love the world I've created. If I didn't want to be immersed in it, I wouldn't be.

I grew up with animals. Riding horses in the Arizona desert was my favorite thing to do. Me, my horse, and my dog tagging along, we'd spend hours in the desert, from late afternoon into the night.

Night time...I love the night. I'm perfectly at home in the darkness. Yep, me and the demons and vampires. This is our time. I love the sounds of the night creatures, the stars, the moon. One of the more spectacular sights I've seen is a blue moon hovering over the ocean, just over the horizon. Makes me really glad I live here in Seattle.

Given the opportunity, I would write full time--oh wait--I do. After the day job.

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