Orphan’s Journey
(Jason Wander: Book 3)
April 1, 2008
Available: April 1, 2008
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Robert Buettner

I began writing fiction in 1994. Opposing counsel who read my briefs would argue that I was doing so long before that.

Born July 7 long ago on Manhattan Island, I grew up in Cleveland and eventually slid west to Colorado.

A flirtation with the military academies lasted as long as it took Annapolis' recruiters to decide that small tackles could protect Roger Staubach - but not that small. I earned a B.A. from the College of Wooster, with Honors in geology, then studied as a National Science Foundation Fellow in Paleontology at the University of Cincinnati.

I left Cincinnati with a Juris Doctorate and an Army Intelligence Lieutenancy, both unmarketable credentials as Vietnam wound down. During those years, I worked in mining as a rig hand and prospector in the Sonoran Desert of Southwest Texas and the mountains of Alaska and worked my way through law school as a petroleum geologist.

I practiced natural resources law internationally and in the American West while I served out my Army-Reserve Intelligence Commission as a Captain. Some Cold-War oil-employee reservists did spy, an avocation here disclaimed. Of course, as the CIA's Kim Roosevelt wrote about a former intelligence officer, "He claimed he had left that field entirely...but neither I nor anyone who knew of that interruption in a life...would ever feel sure of that."

Author as Alaskan prospector, with mineral specimen and .357 magnum grizzly protection. Used once, the pistol confirmed the Big Bang Theory, as bear and author then moved in opposite directions at almost the speed of light.

When I'm not writing, I run marathons, climb mountains, snowboard and scuba. I've lately traded in my running shoes and swim fins for bikes road and mountain. I do all this as ineffectually as I spied.

I have recently divided my writing time between the foothills of the Blue Ridge and of the Colorado Rockies.

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