March 1, 2003
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Sydney Morgann

Sydney Morgann loves space, all kinds of space-big rooms inside Victorian houses, which she likes to restore, lots of space inside a huge closet where she can hang the unique designer clothes she sews for herself but most importantly, deep space, a place she hopes to visit one day.

An exotic dancer by night, fulltime student during the day, studying for a degree in forensic psychology, and hitting every Star Trek, Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 conference she can find on the weekends, gives Sydney more than enough raw data to write her novels, which she does every spare moment on a laptop that is her constant companion, along with her Giant Schnauzer, Bonz.

When asked what motivates her to write comedic sci-fi erotica, Syd laughed and replied, "Space travel is excitement and hope for the future but sex with the right partner and laughter are timeless and necessary for a healthy mind."

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