Spellbound In Seattle
March 1, 2003
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Garthia Anderson

I was named after my dad--his name was Garth and they just made up my name. Of course, as a child, I hated my unusual name. But now I like that I have a unique name, and the fact that Iíve never met anybody else with the same name.

Iíve always loved books, ever since I taught myself to read when I was 5 years old. My first writing attempts were in junior high school, and even then I loved romance. I would write little stories about my girlfriends and I meeting our idols (Iíll date myself and admit it was the Beatles) and having them fall madly in love with us. Since I was the author, I always got Paul!

Many, many years passed (during which time I moved several times, got married, moved some more, and had 4 children) before I tried my hand at writing again. Like many other authors, I started writing fan-fiction. But after finishing a STAR TREK novel, and realizing the options for getting it published were very slim, I decided to create my own fictional universe.

Since at that time I read mostly science fiction, my first effort was a science fiction novel. Or at least I thought it was. Shortly after finishing it, I happened to read Johanna Lindseyís WARRIORíS WOMAN, and realized my story was really a romance set in outer space.

I began devouring all the romances I could find. I wrote a couple Western historicals--which are truly awful and shall remain hidden in the bottom drawer of my file cabinet. I discovered time travels and tried my hand at one of those. But I was a little late and by the time I finished it, most publishers werenít buying them anymore.

SPELLBOUND IN SEATTLE was inspired by a group of wacky online friends. We were all fans of the TV show, THE HIGHLANDER, but didnít take it too seriously and would veer off on silly tangents only remotely related to the show and actors. Someone (waving at Drax if heís still out there!) posted a hysterical piece about the answering machine message of a company called Quicken Clean. For those of you who donít remember HIGHLANDER, it was about a bunch of immortals. But ďThere can be only one!Ē was the whole premise, so they went around chasing each other with swords, trying to kill all the other immortals. The only way to kill them was to cut off their heads, causing a Quickening where the victor absorbed the dead personís essence, usually with lots of lightning and collateral damage. So, Quicken Clean was the fictitious company that came in and cleaned up after these destructive Quickenings. The Phone Call post took on a life of its own and we created a crazy little online universe that lasted over two fun-filled years. Many of us still stay in touch, even though THE HIGHLANDER went off the air years ago.

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