Lost and Found
January 1, 2004
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Name and Address Withheld
December 1, 2002
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Jane Sigaloff

British author Jane Sigaloff was born in London and, despite brief trips into the countryside, is a city girl at heart. Reading and writing from a very early age, she had her first entry in the school magazine when she was five, and was given her first dictionary when she was six. Unsure whether to focus on arts or science subjects, at 16 she opted for the former on the basis that a lab coat and safety goggles were unflattering; although she has been known to watch ER with a certain amount of longing.

Having studied history at Oxford University, she entered the allegedly glamorous world of television, initially as tea-and-coffee-coordinator for Nickelodeon U .K. As she progressed to researcher and then assistant producer, her contracts took her to MTV and finally to the BBC, where assignments included a royal wedding interview. But it was her spell as a talk- show researcher that gave Jane a keen insight into human behavior-this, coupled with the experience of growing up as part of an extended dysfunctional-but-close family, gave her a lively sense of humor about relationships.

Both are reflected in her brilliantly funny debut novel, Name & Address Withheld, described by fellow Red Dress InkTM author Sarah Mlynowski as "witty, juicy and romantic-a clever, controversial comedy about finding love in all the wrong places."

Since 2000 Jane has enjoyed a double life as a part-time personal assistant, which has given her more time to write and feel guilty about not going to the gym. Happily single (though keeping her options open) and having done the whole living-with-a-boyfriend thing in her early twenties, she now lives alone with her laptop and ever-expanding CD collection. She ha.~ never consulted an agony aunt.

Although Jane was born and bred in the U.K., her surname hints at a colorful family background, with her roots somewhere in Austria, the Czech Republic and Russia. But since the Kids from Fame and the Brat Pack days of the 1980s, Jane's been especially enthusiastic about all things American. As a student she spent a month pondering the meaning of life (and sales tax) on a road trip across North America, and the following year returned to work as a camp counselor-eight weeks with 500 children failing to dampen her enthusiasm for the States. As an adult she tries to visit New York as regularly as she can to top up her energy levels and to shop at Banana Republic.

Her second novel for Red Dress Ink will be Lost & Found.

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