The Last Cheerleader
December 1, 2003
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Crimson Rain
September 1, 2002
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Meg O'Brien

Born in Wildwood, NJ, Meg O'Brien now lives in the Pacific Northwest. The mother of five children, she worked at innumerable jobs ranging from secretarial positions to housecleaning and freelance editing, before writing her first 'Jessica James' mystery novel which started her on the road to publishing success.

'Jesse', the protagonist of the Jessica James mystery series, is a reformed alcoholic and freelance investigative reporter who has some amazing adventures with the Mob and some other heavyweight organizations. She is the main character in "The Daphne Decisions"(1990), "Salmon in the Soup"(1990), "Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow"(1991), "Eagles Die Too"(1992), and "A Bright Flamingo Shroud"(1996).

Meg has also written several suspense thrillers including :

"The Keeper" (1992 Bantam Books) "Thin Ice" (1993 Bantam Books) "I'll Love You Till I Die" (1995 St. Martin's Press) "A Deep and Dreamless Sleep" (1996 St. Martin's Press) "Take My Breath Away" (1997 St. Martin's Press) "Crashing Down"(1999 MIRA Books) "Sacred Trust"(2000 MIRA Books). "Gathering Lies" (2001 MIRA Books) "Crimson Rain" (2002 MIRA Books) "The Last Cheerleader" (December 2003 MIRA Books)

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