Midway Between You And Me
(Superromance #1070)
July 1, 2002
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Sign, SEAL and Deliver
(Superromance #980)
April 1, 2001
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Rogenna Brewer

When a high school aptitude test labeled her suited for librarian or clergy, Rogenna joined the Navy. It was off to bootcamp, followed by her first duty station, NAS Midway Island. She started in the CO's office and gravitated toward the Chaplain's where duties included operating the base library. "You can see where I'm going with this. I loved working with the Chaplain. We also traveled to smaller islands where personnel were stationed without support services. I've actually crossed the international dateline twice but have never stepped foot outside of U.S. territory."

Other duty stations included; the office of The Chief of Naval Personnel Washington, DC., Naval Intelligence Command Sultan, Maryland, and Naval Hospital Orlando, Florida. Rogenna advanced quickly. She also attended the University of Maryland Overseas Division and Southern College in Orlando, Florida. Just a few credits shy of a degree, she holds a diploma in Interior Design and hopes to complete her college education sometime in the future, though she doesn't see herself going back into design. Rogenna met and married her sailor while serving her country. "The best part was that brief period of time when I out-ranked him." After receiving an Honorable Discharge she continued to serve as a Navy Wife and admits to being jealous of her husband's travels. "There's a reason for the slogan; Navy Wife, the toughest job in the Navy. It's like being a single parent--at least part of the time. Jeff's been to seventeen countries and was there for the filming of two major motion pictures aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise CVN65 (Top Gun and Hunt For Red October). We have three boys, one for each deployment."

With their Navy days behind them, the family currently lives in Colorado where Rogenna grew up. Before settling in to writing, she owned a bookstore with her mother/partner and was a bookseller and a reviewer for several years. "Although I sometimes feel like a jack-of-all- trades, master-of-none, the one constant has been the need to surround myself with people and books. My high school reunion is coming up soon. I always wanted to be a writer/adventurer, but that high school aptitude test had great insight into my insight into my personality. And now I go wherever I want, whenever I want, through my writing.

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