June 1, 2001
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Alma Marceau

June 1, 1956 Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

19671971 Attended Errico Malatesta Preparatory Academy Salt Lake City, Utah.

1974 Graduated from London Polytechnic College BA, Fiber Arts.

19751979 Graduate work in Fungal Systematics Svevo University, Trieste.

1980 Publication of Ph.D. thesis: "On the Genealogy of Morels: The Evolution and Classification of the Ascomycetes, with Special Attention to the Genus Morchella."

19811991 Research Associate, CICMS (Center for the Investigation of Cryptogam Mating Systems), Institute for Fern Relations, Berne.

19921998 Extended sabbatical; travel to Paleo- and Neotropics; research begun for"Lofting."

19992001 Writing and publication of "Lofting."

Currently editing the forthcoming anthology, "High Sticking," stories and essays on hockey and homoeroticism.

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