Maternal Meanderings
December 15, 2001
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Diane Dean-Epps

Author, Diane Dean-Epps has worked in television and radio, performed in commercials as both on-air talent and voice talent, as well as performing her own stand-up comedy routines that she has written. As a popular humor columnist her writing has appeared regularly for the past several years in numerous periodicals, most notably The San Francisco Chronicle, The Contra Costa Times, The Union and

Parenting and teaching high school students keeps her humor fresh and verbal skills sharp because there are no tougher "rooms" to play than those that house teenagers and those that you clean AND house teenagers. Dean-Epps performs her "bits" daily in the educational arena in an effort to teach and amuse Generation Y-ME?

A proud, card carrying member of the babyboomer generation, the author is married to a musician and is the mother of two girls, Nicole, 13, and Kelsi, 8, and three dogs (ages unavailable), all of whom provide an abundance of material for Dean-Epps' hysterical perspective on life.

Though she has authored three fiction books and several articles, Maternal Meanderings allows Dean-Epps to inject her lively viewpoint into the everyday travails of marriage, maternity and motherhood -- pure non-fiction that READS like fiction. Her distinctive writing style makes the book an easy and fun read and Maternal Meanderings is planned as the first in a series of books on the funny outtakes of life as seen from the pretzel-like viewpoint of this witty woman.

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