Laricon's Ways
May 1, 2002
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Patricia Green

Hello, and thanks for clicking on my name. I'm a new kid among the SensualRomance authors, however I've been writing for publication for about ten years. Before that I was an actress and model. You've never heard of me because I wasn't a particularly successful actress or model; for that reason and because I've changed my name. Details, details.

People often ask me where I get the ideas for my books and stories. Are they from experience? Well, last time I looked, I wasn't a kidnapped earth-female being held as a sex-slave on the moon Ganymede, or the James Bond-style spy who rescues her (Laricon's Ways). Nor have I been a lesbian private eye in Los Angeles during the 1940s (from Four Part Hermony). So much for experience.

Occasionally, folks will have their own opinions on where my stories derive. But why should I repeat their foul language?

My stories all come from a twisted imagination, love for a good story, and keen observations of the human condition. Anyway, that's what I tell people.

Only my lingerie drawer and I know for sure.

Patricia Green

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