Vampire Sheikh
(Immortal Sheikhs: Book 3)
January 1, 2011
Available: January 18, 2011
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Shadow of the Sheikh
(Immortal Sheikhs: Book 2)
November 1, 2010
Available: November 1, 2010
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Lord of the Desert
(Immortal Sheikhs: Book 1)
August 1, 2010
Available: August 1, 2010
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Night Mischief
(Dark Enchantments: Book 3)
October 1, 2007
Available: October 1, 2007
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The Forbidden Enchantment
February 1, 2007
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Ghost Of A Chance
September 1, 2004
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Sweet Suspicion
February 5, 2004
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Sins of the Father
March 1, 2003
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Sweet Revenge
(SIM #1163)
July 1, 2002
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Nina Bruhns

Pseudonym: Nikita Black.

"A woman with a varied and checkered past..."
I guess that's how I would describe myself (tho' it makes my husband crazy).

By profession, I'm really an archaeologist (an Egyptologist), but I've worked all kinds of jobs, from real estate to a fabric store clerk to student counselor at the Fulbright Commission in Stockholm, Sweden. My favorite was a work-study job in grad school, reorganizing the ancient Egyptian pots at the University of Chicago's famous Oriental Institute. The pay was lousy, but holding ceramic jars actually touched by Ramses II and King Tut was inspiring and unbelievably exciting.

I've lived all over the USA and even spent six years in Europe. I love to travel. Maybe because my great- grandfather was an Hungarian gypsy -- my only ancestor who was not Danish. My family and I recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina, which has also been a wonderful adventure, it's amazing here.

Although I love archaeology, doing fieldwork in The Sudan, Africa, (my specialty) isn't too practical with children and a husband who has a normal job. So when I thought about what I'd like to do instead, I set out to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a writer. Now I have my adventures through my characters. I can give my heroines the thrills and excitement all women dream of having, but I never have to change out of my jammies to do it. My kind of job!

Although I've only been writing for Silhouette for some three years, I have already been blessed with national attention for my writing. Four of my books were nominated for the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award, winning in both 1997 and 1998. Other awards my books have won since being published are the National Readers Choice Award, the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence for Overall Best Romantic Suspense, the Golden Chalice Award for Best First Novel, the Rising Star Award, the Write Touch Readers' Award, and three Dorothy Parker Awards of Excellence among many others, as well as making it onto more than one national bestseller list.

I love writing about unusual situations and unique settings, something a bit different from the average romance, which I think my readers enjoy. I try to write with a large dose of humor and usually with a dash (or more) of suspense thrown in as well. There's nothing like an unexpected chuckle or a dead body to liven things up. I also like to turn up the heat on my characters till the pages smoke.

Sensually, I'll admit I enjoy pushing the envelope in my stories. I think much of the appeal of romance is the seductive fantasy it allows women to indulge in safely. A woman whose days are filled with diapers or spreadsheets, PTA or sales meetings, wants to be swept away in a romantic fantasy for a few hours, into a world where she can quench her thirst for love and romantic adventure and fulfill the dreams of a man who instinctively satisfies her deepest yearnings. I love writing about fearless women who do things I would never dare to do in real life. My heroes are dark and dangerous men who ooze sensuality but who definitely know how to treat a lady.

Along with writing for Silhouette Intimate Moments, I also write women's erotic romance under the pen name Nikita Black. My books CAJUN HOT and THE RENEGADE'S WOMAN were groundbreaking in the newer subgenre of ultra-steamy romance, known for not being afraid to bare it all for the reader -- body and soul. My objective in writing the Nikita Black books is to explore the depths of the erotic fantasies all women have, which have so long been denied us or trivialized by the predominantly male outlook of critics and analysts. Nikita Black's raison d'Ítre is to show women it's okay to fantasize. That it doesn't make you a pervert.

Still, as much as I enjoy writing my Nikita Black books, I also really love writing for Intimate Moments. It gives a nice balance, I think. With the Silhouette books, I concentrate mainly on the emotional side of the relationship between the hero and heroine, rather than the sexual. For me, there is just nothing better than creating a heart-tugging love-story with characters you love and an ending that leaves a big smile on your face. I hope you agree.

If you've read any of my books and liked it, drop me a line! I love to hear from readers. You can visit me on my websites at and or email me at

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