My Three Girls
(Superromance #1097 "Count on a Cop")
November 15, 2002
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A Cowboy For Clementine
(Harlequin Superromance #1029)
December 1, 2001
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Susan Floyd

With the December 2001 release of her fourth book, A Cowboy for Clementine, Susan Floyd has found herself very busy holding down both a full-time writing career and a full-time teaching career. "Lots of people ask if now that I'm published, I'm going to give up the teaching," she says. However, she can't even think about trading in one dream in for another because both jobs fulfill her in different ways.

"Teaching is a very external job. You're interacting with students, caring about them, pushing them to achieve higher standards. On the other hand, writing is an incredibly internal job and I spend most of the time pushing myself to achieve higher standards!" Susan Floyd observes. "I just want to tell stories that are well-written, where the reader feels like she can actually touch my characters because they seem so real."

Her fifth book, titled My Three Girls, is scheduled to be released in November 2002. Of course, there are always brand new stories in the works or new stories about familiar characters. Los Banos, California still is her setting of choice for her romances.

On the home front, she and her husband, Michael, have added a new family member, Dexter Doggie, who was abused by his previous owners. Dexter has done much to breathe new life into Mr. Riley, who has decided to make his new bed in Susan's closet, just to get some relief from his new baby brother.

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